The World Nature

Prior to this experience, my involvement in nature conservation projects was limited to The Boreal Lynx Association.

This project marked my first foray into a project celebrating a diverse array of animal species. Being a part of it has been incredibly enriching, allowing me to contribute and assist Fran in showcasing his passion. 

Video edition
and animation

The logo design was already done, I dedicated myself to animating it and editing videos for the YouTube channel.

Saving animals

The most special thing about this project has been the trust that Fran had placed in me. On a creative level, he had freedom and could also contribute to the narrative.

and improvisation

It has been a challenge for me to edit videos without a previous script base. Nature is unpredictable and that’s the wonder. The close and improvised tone, and at certain moments with a touch of humor, has also been leaving my comfort zone.