The Wooden Cat

The Wooden Cat is a 2D Fantasy Magic Platformer video game. This project has been the Final Project of the Audiovisual Communication Degree in collaboration with Computer Engineering students. It has been carried out thanks to multidisciplinary and collaborative work facilitated by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Teamwork and motivation

With my colleagues, Alba Sorribes and Sílvia Delgado, we began to create this project with the aim of experimenting with the interactive format. Alba and I have formed the project management and production team. I have dedicated myself completely to the design of spaces, characters, objects and elements of the game. The visual design has gone hand in hand with the evolution of the plot. That is why I have also had a supporting role in the area of ​​the script, together with Alba Sorribes, the scriptwriter of the project.

Creativity and organization

Together with Sílvia Delgado, we have developed the design of levels and platforms of the game, as well as the assembly of the teaser and the making-of.