Love & passion

I’m Ariadna, a woman driven by creativity and compassion, fueled by a deep passion to create a kinder world.

In the beginning

My roots are artistic, my mother is a painter and my father, in his youth, was a musician. Currently, my mother works taking care of the elderly and my father is a massage therapist.

I always grew up surrounded by care and art. This is what has always saved me from everything. And with what I want to save everything I love.

and experience

I studied Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University (2016-2020), where I learned to communicate audiovisually and specialized in interactives and videogames.

Later I studied the User Experience Master at the UPF Barcelona School of Management (2020-2021) to specialize in web design.

My experience as a designer started at (2020). I had also been to the Boreal Lynx Association (2020). Currently, I am a Performance Designer at Holaluz since 2021.

I am a very involved person and I collaborate with other projects with shared values.


More about me

I have written articles about videogames in Todas Gamers.

I love putting my voice in audiovisual pieces.

I have appeared in different media, such as La Directa, to talk about women in the world of video games.

Also on Radio Mollet, to talk about the La Piel de Después project.