La Piel de Después

Personal project that ended up being my Master’s Final Project in 2021.


Brand, SM & Web Design


1 year


WordPress, Elementor, Premiere & Autodesk Sketchbook


La Piel de Después was born during one of the pivotal moments in my life when I was healing through a therapeutic process. It refers to the skin that regenerates and heals after wounds.

It started as a personal project to experiment artistically: drawing, audiovisuals, voice-over, writing… I needed to embrace everything to express myself. I turned it into my Postgraduate Final Project in Innovation & Design Thinking, and later it grew into my Master’s Final Project in Design and User Experience.

What initially was my creative space eventually became a platform for outreach and interviews with mental and physical health professionals. A place to weave a network of support and assistance.

Currently, it is a beautiful but paused project, as it requires a lot of time investment and I achieved the healing I needed.

Video presentation

Target & needs

People, especially women, who have experienced violence or physical or mental health issues resulting from a similar traumatic experience.

Illustration evolution