Menstrual therapist

For more than two decades, Carmen has dedicated herself to the role of a nursing assistant.

A life-altering experience with endometriosis prompted her to share her journey with others. In their work together, they are able to find themselves and embrace endometriosis as a part of them, thus making the difficulties of their experiences easier to handle.


Carmen accompanied me shortly after I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Letting myself hold and trust her was very easy.

For me, it is very special to have been able to shape her logo. I am grateful to help Carmen reach more women in need.

Web design

I created the first version of Carmen’s website in 2021. Everything was planned in detail to make it feel like a journey: a path inside oneself.

Mandala notebook

A year later, Carmen and I began another collaboration—this time, we decided to craft a mandala notebook specifically designed for art therapy. Within its pages, you’ll find diverse representations of vaginas and uteruses, offering a unique perspective beyond those affected by endometriosis or other pathologies.