Creation of the Endosofía Brand and First Web Design in 2022, a project focused on supporting women with menstrual disorders such as endometriosis.


Brand & Web Design


3 weeks


WordPress & Elementor


Currently, endometriosis is a disease with barely known causes or cures. However, there are various treatments that can help alleviate symptoms like chronic pain or inflammation.

Although menarche occurs between the ages of 10 and 15, diseases like endometriosis are not diagnosed until at least the age of 25. This means that there are women who have been living with pain for many years without understanding why.

Beliefs such as thinking that menstrual pain is normal make it difficult to diagnose and listen to patients with endometriosis.

Carmen has been one of these patients who, being a healthcare professional, focused her career on understanding and treating this disease to help improve the quality of life for women who suffer from it. Thus, she created Endosofía.

Target & needs

Women aged 25 and older (which is approximately when they receive a diagnosis of endometriosis). Typically, these women find themselves in a state of vulnerability and with many emotional difficulties due to the lack of understanding from their environment and many doctors who have normalized their pain.

Women with endometriosis need support, to be listened to, and validation of their life experience. They need understanding and to understand themselves. They also need tools to manage their pain, mostly caused by inflammation. Through diet, stress management, and self-awareness, the symptoms of endometriosis can be healed (though not cured).

Logo & Brand