The World Nature

Projects About me The World Nature Prior to this experience, my involvement in nature conservation projects was limited to The Boreal Lynx Association. This project marked my first foray into a project celebrating a diverse array of animal species. Being a part of it has been incredibly enriching, allowing me to contribute and assist Fran […]

Cynthia Santacruz Psicóloga

Projects About me Cynthia SantacruzPsychologist Cynthia and I collaborated to have my illustrations accompany her mental health posts. The illustrations represent different emotions: Blame Secondary emotion (appears in contact with others) whose main objective is to try to control what the other feels or thinks of me, in order to avoid rejection and guarantee the […]


Projects About me EnfosofíaMenstrual therapist For more than two decades, Carmen has dedicated herself to the role of a nursing assistant. A life-altering experience with endometriosis prompted her to share her journey with others. In their work together, they are able to find themselves and embrace endometriosis as a part of them, thus making the difficulties […]

Capes de Pell

Projects About me Capes de pellIllustrated book Capes de Pell gradually removes all those layers to show what is scary. With softness and tact, Capes de Pell is a nude of the soul.   Danae from @espaidecreacio has been the woman who has brought together more than twenty women to undress in the form of […]

Marina Guerrero

Ariadna Boladeras Proyectos        Sobre mí Logotipo Marina Guerrero Marina es una mujer decidida, comprometida y leal. Se dedica a dar voz y a defender a las personas con total vocación: es abogada. Además de atender, acompañar y sostener a personas con seguridad y tacto, también divulga sobre legalidad enfocada a problemas sociales. […]