Capes de pell
Illustrated book

Capes de Pell gradually removes all those layers to show what is scary. With softness and tact, Capes de Pell is a nude of the soul.


Danae from @espaidecreacio has been the woman who has brought together more than twenty women to undress in the form of writing or illustration. To talk about anxiety, anguish and those emotions that get stuck in the chest. Capes de Pell is a way to rock those fears and show them carefully, so that no one feels alone. After several years of living with anxiety and learning to live with it, this is the way I represent her: that girl who needs to be cared for, listened to and cared for. Capes de Pell is an illustrated book that makes mental health visible. With it, more than €700 has been raised for the 2021 TV3 Marathon, which gives visibility to Mental Health.